Island Trace

"see the building through habits of daily life . . . see how the boundary between a space and its occupants can blur, so that the organised being has an identity that extends beyond the organic body into its territory"

Andrew Ballantyne,

Architecture, Life, Habit 

The kitchen island is a surface free of boundaries. It is a single space used in multiple ways. 

This intervention introduces surfaces (curved, rectangular volumes, raised platforms) onto the kitchen island. The use of space is traced both before and during the intervention. 

The tracings reveal unnoticed habits of an everyday routine. In addition it maps spaces unconsciously designated to situations like preparing dinner, making a snack and getting lunch. 


Eileen Gray 

Villa E-1027


Eileen Gray thought of the home as a shell. She prioritised habits of living, designing to support the needs of life. Her spatial arrangements anticipated and accommodated habits.