Mum says she raised us like free range chicken. Our childhood involved being free to roam, play and wonder. Now our lives are overstimulated with little time to pause and reflect. The minor moments that construct our everyday routines are overlooked, making us less amazed at our world. 


Wonder is explored as a moment of awe, which suspends logic. It respects things as they are, opens up to curiosity and catalyses understanding. The project aims to design potential experiences of wonder within the rituality of everyday. It investigates spatial and graphic ways of prompting, utilising play as a means of stimulating discovery and imagination. 


An approach of heightened sensitivity was adopted to notice the ordinary. Ways of valuing by foregrounding temporal gestures were explored through casting, photography and written prompts. In addition drawing,collaging and model making were techniques used to unpack and reimagine the rhythm of routines. 


Through an increased attentiveness to the minor moments there is opportunity to generate spaces that shape our development. Engaging with wonder re-prioritises the important aspects of life, revealing new ways of learning. It recognises the potential for living paired back lives focused on nurturing stable routines, sprinkled with moments of the spontaneous.


How are spaces designed to stimulate wonder through playful prompts embedded within the rituality of everyday routines?

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