A Preserved Gesture

A series of wax casts preserve the spatial moment of drawing the curtains.  The process developed a sensitive approach to engaging with the everyday. 

The collection of casts have become artefacts that document the action of opening and closing the curtains. The repetitive castings reveal slight differences between each movement whilst also conveying a pattern in routine.

''... experience is made up of more than what actually takes form. Experience is alive with the more-than, the more-than as real as anything else directly experienced'' 

Erin Manning, 

The Minor Gesture 




thirty -







The curtain casting resulted in questioning the affects that cause variation within the repetitive act. Therefore leading to an investigation of the relationship between emotions and gestures, which was based off the theory of passions. 

" If the everyday can be considered an ecology where passions circulate in a perpetual state of

intensification and entropic decline, the empirical self ... is essentially in a state of flux" 

The tracings above were created from a daily photographic documentation of opening and closing the curtains. Each time the curtains were either opened or closed an annotation was made in the format: date, time and description where applicable. Data over five days was collected and a speculation of thirty- one days  was created through repetition. 

The annotations convey the routine of waking up and going to bed in relation to opening and closing the curtains. The accumulative data shows a passing of time. It becomes relational to the start/ end of the day and can signify different moods. Suddenly the curtains meant much more than originally perceived.